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LIST- Monsanto seeds. Forewarned is Forearmed: Home Garden Veggies in the Monsanto/Seminis Catalogue

Editorialele editiei, English section, Liste, Lucruri de stiut, OMG/Initium  | 4 ianuarie 2013 | Aciduzzul
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IF YOU ARE THE KIND OF GARDENER who buys vegetable seeds or seedlings (including tomato plants) from a local garden center, as I sometimes do, beware the varieties you select. Otherwise, you could very well be putting money into the hands of the wretched Monsanto Corporation. Forewarned is forearmed, right? Here is the list of Seminis/Monsanto home-garden vegetable varieties, and yes, it even includes zucchini: I’m going to print out this list, and keep a copy in my wallet. This way I won’t be caught off-guard the next time I decide to impulse-shop at a big-box garden center:

Beans: Aliconte, Brio, Bronco, Cadillac(sic!), Ebro, Etna, Eureka, Festina, citeste si comenteaza

Monsanto Cucumbers Cause Genital Baldness — Immediately Banned in Nova Scotia

Editorialele editiei, English section, Stiri mondene  | 4 ianuarie 2013 | Aciduzzul
(2 voturi )
157 views, Fara comentarii

Robin Steel
A six-month study by AgriSearch, an on-campus research arm of Dalhousie University, has shown that genetically modified (GM) cucumbers grown under license to Monsanto Inc. result in serious side effects including total groin hair loss and chafing in “sensitive areas”, leading to the immediate and total ban of sales of all that company’s crop and subsequent dill pickles. The tracking study of 643 men and women in Nova Scotia came about after reports began to surface about bald field mice and the bald feral cats that ate them being discovered by farmers on acreages growing the new crop. “The bald wild animals raised a huge flag and we immediately obtained subpoenas citeste si comenteaza

Complexity Theorists Predict Food Crisis, Riots and Civil Unrest By April 2013

Analize-studii, Antiglobalizare, Editorialele editiei, English section  | 4 ianuarie 2013 | Aciduzzul
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143 views, Fara comentarii

Forecasting isn’t an exact science, but researches at the New England Complex Systems Institute may have come up with a formulaic approach that can help them to identify risk factors that contribute to political instability which may lead to riots and civil unrest similar to what we saw in the Middle East this year. Their model is so accurate that they reportedly wrote a letter to the United States warning of imminent danger just days before the mid east and north African riots broke out: On 13 December last year, the group wrote to the US government pointing out that global food prices were about to cross the threshold they had identified. Four days later, Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in Tunisia in protest at government policies, citeste si comenteaza

Epitaf unui profitor bolsevic

Arta-Cultura, Ciutacisme, Editorialele editiei, Politica interna  | 4 ianuarie 2013 | Aciduzzul
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509 views, 4 Comentarii

Moartea previzbila a lui Sergiu Nicolaescu a provocat, cum era de asteptat, o adevarata isterie la tonomatele moguloide. O astfel de oportunitate trebuia explotata la maximum in toate jurnalele de stiri, iar viata lui Nicolaescu trebuia intoarsa pe toate partile impreuna cu tot felul de invitati care mai de care mai dubiosi. Acesta stire a picat pleasca chiar pe foamea de stiri de inceput de an. Nu de alta, dar, daca nu se intampla sa moara Nicolaescu, sclavii moguloizi, renumiti pentru “creativitatea” care-i caracterizeaza ar fi fost nevoiti sa o tina langa cu mega-supra-terra petrcerile de Craciun cu Guta, Loredana si alte maimute din show-biz-ul romanesc. Faptul ca a murit omul era oarecum previzibil, dat fiind faptul ca avea 82 de ani, numai ca, din cate se pare mai toate flasnetele moguloide citeste si comenteaza

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