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Fracking Produces More Radioactive Waste than Nuclear Power Plants

Analize-studii, Antiglobalizare, Economie, Editorialele editiei, English section, Politica externa  | 5 decembrie 2014 | Aciduzzul
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nuclear-frack-wasteTara Lohan
Fracking puts more hazardous radioactive material into the environment than all the US nuclear power plants combined. About a Fukushima worth a month. That plus the fatalities from fracking, gas compressor explosions, and gas line blasts make fracked gas by far the deadliest form of energy in the US. A bigger body count in a month than nuclear energy in 50 years. More fatalities in a quarter than coal in a year. The feds can’t regulate it and the state regulators get the fat envelopes to look the other way. So a lot of fracking’s radioactive legacy just gets dumped. In a river, road, landfill, or abandoned barn near you. So much for “Clean Energy.” Has your town or county banned frack waste ? What are you waiting on ? A frackastrophe ? Radiation from fracking is accumulating in the water we drink, the fish we eat, and the soil in which our food grows. citeste si comenteaza

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