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Vaccinuri si virusuri
Eugenics Agenda Continues With the Pursuit of the Addiction Vaccine
Aciduzzul | 15 noiembrie, 2012 | 0 comentarii | 146 vizualizari |
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Susanne Posel
The quest for the addiction vaccine is the pharmacological endeavor to control the functions of the human brain by transhumanist scientists. Kim Janda, professor of chemistry for the Scripps Research Institute (SRI) explains that the development of a vaccine to combat addictions is an “alternative or better way for some people . . . to get off the drugs.” Janda believes that by shutting down the neuroreceptor that responds to the chemical nicotine before it affects the chemical responders in the brain. These vaccines cause the immune system to produce antibodies that control the brain’s response to narcotics prior to the onset of addiction. This is based on the hypothesis that addiction causes physical changes in the brain and has spurned medical advocacy for solving America’s drug problems with immunizations.

Under the guise of controlling our brain functions, other vaccines that mitigate the reward centers of the human brain are being created – such as a vaccine that stops crystal meth molecules from entering the blood brain barrier so that the drug-user does not get “high”.

Alkernes Inc. have developed the pharmaceutical vivitrol which is a once-a-month injection that blocks the brain’s reward system for alcoholics and opioid addicts. Similarly, Pfizer has created Chantix; a pill that disrupts the brain’s pleasure centers regarding nicotine.

Chantix is known to cause suicidal thoughts and depression in its users, although Pfizer contends that there is no direct scientific link to depression and their drug.

Xenova, a British-based biotechnology corporation, has invested in vaccines that control cocaine addiction. After a two-phase study, their drug had a reported 58% success rate. The vaccine alters the human immune system by removing the biological response to cocaine molecules, preventing their ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and therefore stifling their ability to influence pleasure in the drug user.

Another professor from the SRI, Michael Taffe says that his study results, although early “are comparable to those for other drug vaccines that have then gone to clinical trials.”

The SRI pride themselves on having a “philosophy [that] emphasizes the creation of basic knowledge in the biosciences for its application in medicine, the pursuit of fundamental scientific advances through interdisciplinary programs and collaborations, and the education and training of researchers preparing to meet the scientific challenges of the future.”

SRI works with the US government through institutions like the National Institute of Medicine. Their medical endeavors extend to researching vaccinations to treat addiction, HIV/AIDS, H1N1, Obesity, cancer synthesis and polio.

The founder of SRI, Ellen Browning Scripps (EBS), was a eugenicist, in-conjunction with the E.W. Scripps Company.

EBS focused research on understand human metabolic rates with the inception of the Scripps Metabolic Clinic.

Most recently, the SRI was awarded a $1.9 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study human food necessity and the metabolism. Andrew Butler, professor at the SRI, is finding the neuro-pathways that control the brain’s desire for food throughout the day. By rewiring the brain’s requests for food and the body response to those requests, the amount of food consumed would potentially be considerably less.

The Department of Defense (DoD) hopes to “enhance” a soldier’s ability to “kill without care or remorse, shows no fear, can fight battle after battle without fatigue and generally behave more like a machine than a man.”

The UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that because of over-population and over-consumptive cultures, Americans have become overweight . . . and that is a problem.

Working with WHO, researchers at the BMC Public Health have published a study regarding the increasing levels of “fatness” worldwide and the impact such weight gain has on global resources. They contend that over-weight people are likening to an extra billion humans born on the planet.

The target of these researchers is North America, specifically the American population. Although Americans only account for 6% of the global population, more than a third of them are considered obese. They contend a new social meme concerning consumption, weight and population growth called “globesity” must be introduced to combat this new problem.

Prof Charles Godray from the Martin School at the University of Oxford, who chaired the process of writing the declaration, says “The overall message is that we need a renewed focus on both population and consumption – it’s not enough to look at one or the other. We need to look at both, because together they determine the footprint on the world.”

In 2000, the 4th Report by the Committee on Government Reform, states the US government experimented in US Armed Forces soldiers in conjunction with the Veterans Affairs and International Relations departments to test an anthrax vaccine on enlisted service men and women. The purpose of this experiment was to perfect a vaccine that would make soldiers resistant to anthrax if used as a biological weapon. This beta-test was conducted between 1991 – 1999.

According to a 2003 study entitled “Vaccines Against Drugs of Abuse: A Viable Treatment Option?”, the pharmacological answer to addiction justifies the definition as a “relapsing brain disorder.”

Conducted by professors at the Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience and the Department of Psychology at Boston University, addiction vaccines can “offer long-term protection” against addiction “with minimal treatment compliance.” The conclusion of this study praises vaccines as the “best” answer for addiction issues when part of a “comprehensive treatment program” for those who are serious about quitting their drug habits.

The combination of addiction vaccines and the eugenics agenda results in the furtherance of transhumanism – which seeks to:

Control who has the right to life through the application of eugenics

Control reproduction of the general population with sterilization campaigns, contraception and abortion

Identify disabilities that can be “enhanced” with implants, prosthetics, RFID chips genetic engineering and modifications

Scientific-based experimentation into life-extension therapies

Rewiring of the brain with pharmaceuticals, psychoactive drugs and RFID chips

Organizations like Humanity+ seek “the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values.”

They are “an international nonprofit membership organization which advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities.”

In their Transhumanist Declaration, they assert:

Using technology to “broaden human potential” by overcoming aging and “cognitive shortcomings”

Provide forums where globalist scientist and researchers can “deliberate how [to enhance humanity through science] to expedite beneficial applications”

Facilitate “social order, improve human foresight and wisdom” through genetic enhancement

Influence policymakers to include the transhumanist “responsible and moral vision”

Source: Occupy Corporatism

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