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Nonviolent Resistance: How Manufactured Revolutions Serve US Foreign Policy
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Susanne Posel
Dr. Gene Sharp wrote “From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Conceptual Framework for Liberation”, in 1973, based on his thesis paper. In 1983, Sharp founded the Albert Einstein Institute (AEI) which is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of nonviolent action to topple oppressive governments. The AEI receives its support from globalist think-tanks and organizations that further agendas for the Elite around the world. Where the uprisings spring, resources must be assessed as new governments must also be formed. The internal destruction of a country has become one of the most effective scemes the globalists have ever devised because the populac is completely convinced in participating in their own political and governmental demise.

Members of the board of directors for AEI come from the Ford Foundation and the RAND Corporation. Funding for the AEI comes from:

• The Ford Foundation
• The International Republican Institute (IRI)
• The National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

The NED was created in 1983 to funnel funds to uprisings under the guise of promoting democracy in developing nations. The US Congress financially supports NED to achieve “democratic goals in more than 90 countries.”

The IRI is the organization that works with the nations directly to install democracy in countries where manufactured uprisings have been initiated.

While Sharp himself has become a pasty over the years, the use of the AEI has aided in the exclusion of military tactics with regard to how the US government finances and promotes the ideals set forth by Sharp to control governments across the globe.

Sharp’s book is “a substitute for war and other violent action.” Its effectiveness has been seen in the seemingly grassroots revolutions that have rocked recent history. Tunisia, Syria, Egypt, Libya and Iran have fallen victim to the ideology set forth by Sharp and its application that is facilitated by citizens who unwittingly participate in the over-throw of their government which happens to compliment the agendas of the US government.

The color scheme adopted by these revolutions (yellow, red, green) is one of the hallmarks of Sharp’s recommendations. The icon of the fist and the peace sign is also communications between the members of the revolution and a sign to others that a change is taking place. Using slogans like “people demand removal of the regime”, “selection is not election” and “where is my vote” are transferred to posters for protesters to carry during demonstrations. The use of chains to convey civil disobedience is often used. Handing flowers to oppressors such as the police that block the protest is another trademark of Sharp’s plans toward toppling governments by way of the people.

The 198 “nonviolent weapons” outlined by Sharp include the methods mentioned above as well as mock funerals and boycotts. These methods were designed to defy tyrannical governments “because they give people an alternative.” Sharp believes: “If people don’t have these, if they can’t see that they are very powerful, they will go back to violence and war every time.”

The US government allocated billions of dollars toward the Arab Uprisings that were inspired by Sharp’s book. With this major contribution, these “grassroots” efforts were able to become successful with the use of psychological, economic and social weapons that were supported by the Pentagon.

While those nations were being imploded from the inside, the US government monitored their progress with the use of human rights non-governmental organizations (NGOs); the interference of the IRI, National Democratic Institute and Freedom House.

In Serbia, the name of the rebels became Optor!, which means resistance in Serbian. This ideology was furthered with nonviolent action against Milosevic between 1998 and 2003. After the liberation, Optor! became a political party which merged into the Democratic Party that was installed in the country soon after.
The IRI learned from Optor! and the members they encountered.

Optor! was a leaderless organization that hid their heads to protect the details of their organization. To keep the government from knowing how is in charge, Optor! uses this tactic.

Optor! adopted the icon of the fist to unify the people of Serbia. This image was used on T-shirts, flags and posters carried at demonstrations. The members of Optor! banged pots and pans during the televised state news program; placed propaganda stickers on buildings all over the cities and towns; had local kids wear T-shirts with the fist logo to incite police to respond; applied social pressure to police and military by strategically placing women, children and elderly at the front of marches and demonstrations.

Optor! decided to co-opt the police and military by telling them that they were both victims of the same totalitarian regime. By banding together they could takeover. Optor! sought to have the police and military defect to their side when the time was right. This scheme was integral in the success of Optor!

The IRI developed a strategy to work in tandem with Optor! by identifying the pillars that held the government of Serbia together. With the toppling of those pillars, Optor! could successfully bring the government down. It was at that point that the IRI could step in and install their “democratic” leaders to replace the tyrannical regime and therefore gain control of the nation.

With the success in Serbia, the IRI learned how to infiltrate a country by using a manufactured uprising to make for an efficient revolution. The knowledge, as transferred from one group to another, can and did travel through under-developed nations across the world.

Once the nonviolent resistance method was used in a nation, the US could use corporations like DynCorp or Blackwater to stabilize the nation until a US-favored pasty could be installed. Serbia has fallen under the thumb of the US government after the revolution through foreign policy.

In Egypt, Muhammad Morsi was “elected” president who has pro-American agendas at heart. Currently, these methods are being employed in Syria to remove Assad from power. In 2012, the first attempts of a manufactured uprising began to show itself in Iran amid the stifling sanctions imposed by the US government.

In 2011, the IMF and the World Bank, at a meeting in Tokyo, focused talks on the Middle East and their economies of which recent Arab Springs have paved the way for globalist influence in the region. Kim Yong-Yim, newly appointed president of the World Bank remarked that these revolutions have allowed for the international community to refine their development of such areas.

The World Bank postulated on how “international financial institutions [can] facilitated citizen empowerment” by way of manufactured uprisings. Through the use of civilian armies protesting against their government, the World Bank sees grand schemes whereby they can manipulate the developing situation and implement public policies that suit their agenda by coercion.

The World Bank is focusing on controlling private sector development once these nations are toppled by internal uprisings.

Once in those places of power, the international community can assess how a nation is able to hide their wealth and use international mandate to retrieve assets in off-shore accounts or trustee corporations.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has made Arab Springs his top priority and is committing the resources of the international community to moving these nations “toward democracy”. Ban said that he encourages the younger generation to rise up against their governments and expressed disappointment at the Occupy Movement for not being as effective as other manufactured revolutions.

Sursa: Occupy Corporatism

Photo: International Peace and Conflict

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