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Obama’s Advisors: Disarm America Through Taxation

Antiglobalizare, Army/Intelligence, Editorialele editiei, English section  | 21 martie 2013 | Aciduzzul
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“The power to tax involves the power to destroy,” Chief Justice John Marshall in McCulloch v. Maryland, 1819. Here’s what Obama’s advisors are telling him about the way to confiscate guns: Tax them. They are advising him to tax guns, ammunition, magazines, and licenses and then attach draconian remedies for failure to register and pay the taxes. Set the taxes low the first year, then increase them gradually to the point where a person owning an AR 15, three magazines and a box of ammo would owe $5,000 a year in taxes. If a gun owner doesn’t pay, the small print at the end of the tax law would subject him to jail and confiscation of everything he owns. Why use this approach? Because people ignore gradual change and taxes can be imposed as a gradual change. citeste si comenteaza

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