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Corespondenta Victor Roncea, Berlin: Jurnalisti si bloggeri reuniti in Germania cer eliberarea activistei ucrainence Hanna Sinkova, arestata de KGB-ul de la Kiev pentru o omleta la focul soldatului sovietic “eliberator”
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Declaration in support of Ukrainian poet and civil activist Hanna Sinkova

We, journalists and bloggers from different countries of the world, demand to set free an Ukrainian poet and civil activist Hanna Sinkova. As we know she is not a criminal, a thief or a killer. The one “atrocity” she did is eggs roasting on the Eternal Flame in Kyiv: she didn’t destroy or spoil any parts of the Eternal Flame. The Eternal Flame is a part of a fallen Soviet WWII soldiers monument. There are thousands of monuments like that in the former USSR area. We are strongly certain that Ukrainian authorities might do much more for those Soviet soldiers who are alive for the money which are wasted for the Eternal Flames.

The Ukrainian poet and civil activist “crime” – which we consider and name as art-performance – is a very bright evidence of that truth. Thousands WWII veterans might get some benefits for the money which Ukrainian (and many others former Soviet) authorities are wasting for decades for Eternal Flames maintenance. The veterans might even have cheaper natural gas and for roasting of eggs including.

As we know recently Ukrainian Poet and Civil Activist Hanna Sinkova was put in the jail for her “crime”, Ukrainian police confiscated her computer and other machines.

She might be imprisoned for five years and we would remind that now she has only twenty years old!

The nonsence of the whole situation is obvious, but we are sure that it is only a small part of the whole Ukrainian justice nonsence. We are calling upon for good sense, judiciousness and sanity! In our opinion it is the Ukrainian authorities that deserve for punishment but not civil activists.

So we hope that Hanna Sinkova will be released as soon as it possible.

We associate ourselves with the declaration:

1. Oleg Shynkarenko (Telekrytyka site, journalist, Ukraine)
2. Byungjoo Moon (Joonangilbo Daily newspaper, journalist, Republic of Korea)
3. Samuel Marec (blogger and internet publicist, Slovak Republic)
4. Victor Roncea (Editor, blogger, Romania)
5. Vlada Ciobanu (Republic of Moldova,
6. Tarek Cheniti (blogger and university researcher, Tunis)
7. Szabolcs Panyi (blogger and journalist, Republic of Hungary)
8. Iman D. nugroho (blogger and journalist of Indonesia)
9. Sarinee Achavanuntakul (blogger and writer, Thailand)
10. Ivan Bedorv (“Pari” business daily deputy editor-in-chief “” and blogger
11. Ali S. Novruzov (blogger and activist,, Republic of Azerbaijan)
Berlin, 12.04.2011

(more signatures will be listed later)

Omleta sanataoasa cu carnati deliciosi, preparata la flacara monumentului soldatului sovietic eliberator


An Ukrainian poet, a student, a National Theater Workers Union member, an art-association “Saint Luca Brotherhood” leader and a party “Bratstvo” (Brotherhood) activist Hanna Sinkova was arrested in March 29, 2011.

A Shevchenko district (Kyiv, Ukraine) public prosecutor’s office accused her of outrage upon a grave, that is inflicted the deprivation of liberty penalty from 3 to 5 years. The penalty might be applied for eggs roasting on a Eternal Flame in the “Eternal Glory Park” in Kyiv (Ukraine) in December 16, 2010.

As the “Bratstvo” party press-office affirms, “Ukrainian Criminal Intelligence Service officers bursted into the Hanna’s appartment and confiscated her computer and all her personal belongings. After an interrogation the girl was immediately delivered to a detention center without giving a chance for her parents and a counselor to meet with Hanna. For several next days at the Pechersky district public prosecutor’s office hours-long interrogations was going on”, – writes “Bratstvo” press-office.

In spite of numerous civil activists and MPs applications, April 1, 2011 the Pechersky Kyiv court took a decision – for an investigation time the girl must be kept under arrest.

Earlier the art-association “Saint Luca Brotherhood” (which coocked fried eggs on an Eternal Flame) spread by the Internet the following declaration:

“For 53 long years near the Glory Obelisk in Kyiv Precious Natural Gas is burning for nothing. This “pleasure” costs about 300 000 gryvnas (30 000 euros) per month for Ukrainian taxpayers. And this is the only one pagan heathen of “Eternal Flame”, but in the whole Ukraine there are hundreds or even thousands of them. In answer to such a situation, in December 16 the art-association “Saint Luca Brotherhood” conducted in the Kyiv Glory Park a protest action, which clearly showed how citizens can use “The Eternal Flame”.

For disturbed Ukrainian Communist Party activists we suggest twenty-for-hour watching next to “The Eternal Flames”, holding their “Eternity” with firewood, as Ancient Roman vestal virgins did.

There can be no doubt that communists won’t have problems with this task, cause they already have an observation experience for the Lenin Monument in Kyiv, and they are financed significantly better then Ancient Roman vestal virgins”.

Meantime the “Bratstvo” party considers such actions like too provocative. “But the common message is right, – the “Bratstvo” party press-office said. – At the time when they turn off natural gas, water and heating in some veteran appartments and officers of the court take for debts their property, “Eternal Flames” and others “eye-soapings” like that are the top of authority cinicism. The Memory is firstly humanity for alive heroes, but not for some monuments”.

Hanna Sinkova’s photogallery:

Sursa: Victor Roncea

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