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Secessionism and the New World Order
Aciduzzul | 25 noiembrie, 2012 | 0 comentarii | 132 vizualizari |
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Dr. Webster G. Tarpley
The New World Order aims at the destruction of the modern sovereign nation state and its replacement with a universal empire presided over by the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, Bank for International Settlements.” One hundred forty-nine years ago this week, US President Abraham Lincoln delivered his celebrated Gettysburg Address, by all odds the best short prose work in the English language. This speech was made at the dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery, on part of the battlefield where secessionist forces had been defeated on the first three days of July, 1863.

In a larger sense, the Gettysburg Address, with its call for “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” was an answer to the infamous “Civis Romanus sum” speech delivered by the British leader Lord Palmerston on June 25, 1850, in which he asserted the worldwide jurisdiction and supremacy of the British Empire as a de facto universal monarchy. The Civil War was the second American revolution, and the Gettysburg Address provided revolutionary inspiration for Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the 1911 founder of the Republic of China, whose three principles of the people — nationalism, democracy, and people’s livelihood and welfare — closely track Lincoln’s celebrated formulation.

But, a century and a half after the demise of the Confederate States of America, during dark days in the USA, secessionism is once again a theme of public discussion. In the wake of the election defeat of the Republicans and their candidate Mitt Romney, and facing four more years of Obama, some sore loser reactionary ideologues, joined by the wreckage of the failed Ron Paul presidential campaign, are once again trumpeting state secession as a way to solve current problems.

The vehicle for launching the current publicity stunt is the Obama White House’s “We the People” website, which promises an official answer to any petition that gets more than 25,000 online signatures. As of this writing, 50 state petitions for secession have been posted, and have attracted some 675,000 signatures of support. But only the petitions for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas have received 25,000 signatures.

A real president would have a ready answer to these petitions: “No.” If asked for explanations, the answer would be “Appomattox,” where the last attempt to implement these crackpot ideas ended in bloody catastrophe in April 1865. This would have been the attitude of George Washington, who included first among the four things necessary for the survival of the United States “an indissoluble union of the states under one federal head.”

A Project of the Reactionary Tea Party

Whether the secessionists know it or not, they are acting as useful idiots and dupes for an extreme right-wing tactic concocted by the California-based, also known as the 1776 Tea Party. Tea Party organizations generally represent astroturfing, creating the illusion that they come up from the grass roots when in reality the key organizers are on payrolls funded by fascist billionaires.

On November 19, Paul pronounced secessionism a “deeply American principle,” and went on to say: “This country was born through secession. Some felt it was treason is to secede from England, but those ‘traitors’ became our country’s greatest patriots. There is nothing treasonous or unpatriotic about wanting a federal government that is more responsible to the people it represents.”

Paul apparently regards secessionism (and the inevitable threat of anarchy, violence and civil war) as a kind of check and balance mechanism, and says: “if the possibility of secession is completely off the table there is nothing to stop the federal government from continuing to encroach on our liberties and no recourse for those who are sick and tired of it.” Of course, the recourse is to run for office, get elected, and fix it. As for the federal government, Paul finds it to be uniformly “tyrannical and oppressive.” Without secession, nullification, and interposition, argues the retiring congressman, there is no freedom.

Paul’s concept of freedom reflects his own incurable alienation and fetishism; it is the freedom of the sociopathic superman to inflict suffering on millions. Paul demands autonomy, but the result in his case is heteronomy, unleashing the dark side of the human psyche.

Paul’s right wing anarchist notion of secessionism, if it gets any public traction, is a recipe for a bloody and tragic upheaval. It is practically a call for a united front of right wing extremists, to which white supremacists, racists, Mormons, criminal elements, British agents, lovers of violence, and the lunatic fringe will inevitably be drawn. Paul seems to be preparing a campus tour for 2013, to spew his ideological poisons and recruit new dupes to replace those burned out in 2012, who saw their efforts crowned by Rand Paul’s cynical endorsement of Mitt Romney.

The nepotist Paul clan is currently focused on Rand Paul’s upcoming 2016 presidential campaign, conducted on the basis of no qualifications and no achievements, similar to Obama in 2008.

As General William T. Sherman instructed a wealthy citizen of Georgia during his March to the Sea in the autumn of 1864, secession is the essence of anarchy. Once the state comes under attack, then the concept of property goes out the window, as many Confederate enthusiasts learned to their chagrin. Paul’s super-rich boosters should take note.

Paul, a follower of the Austrian school in economics, and of the fascist Ayn Rand and the crank Murray Rothbard in philosophy, has never been capable of distinguishing liberty from license. His one per-center backers, like Peter Thiel of the Bilderberg group, believe that liberty includes their sovereign right to oppress, loot, and exploit their employees. Ron Paul claims to be a fervent supporter of the US Constitution, but in practice he is at war with many of that document’s main provisions. Paul follows the Brigham Young Mormon doublethink principle of constitutional exegesis, which professes loyalty to the Constitution, while at the same time preparing secession and insurrection, which the Constitution emphatically does not allow.

Paul’s perspective has long been that the United States will be overtaken by a hyperinflationary financial crisis, at which time secessionists can and should act to break up the country. He is eagerly looking forward to that moment.

Secessionism Prepares the New World Order

What Ron Paul’s deluded followers do not seem to grasp is that secessionism, Balkanization, and the partition of large nations represent indispensable steps towards what they would call the New World Order. The New World Order aims at the destruction of the modern sovereign nation state and its replacement with a universal empire presided over by the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, Bank for International Settlements, and NATO ruling over a fragmented crazy quilt world map of petty, squabbling, impotent little microstates, ministates, rump states, and failed states, none of which would have enough power to oppose Exxon Mobil, J.P. Morgan Chase, Halliburton, or a medium-sized private military firm.

Ron Paul is totally on board for this kind of New World Order. He notoriously told the House of Representatives on March 13, 2001 that “there is nothing to fear from globalism, free trade and a single worldwide currency.” These three elements are in fact the guaranteed destruction of existing nations.

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s theory of such a world prescribes micro-states and mini-states as a means of guaranteeing “dignity,” meaning a localist, parochialist, and particularist polity for every affinity group on the planet. George Soros supports “partition studies” at think tanks and universities to facilitate the demise of the modern state. Among reactionaries, Bernard Lewis of the British Arab Bureau has long studied methods for dividing Pakistan into four parts, Iran into five parts, and Libya into three parts, as well as for carving Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran by creating an independent Kurdistan. Iraq is already divided into three parts as a result of US occupation. The US and British have cooperated to divide Sudan into two parts.

Modern imperialism thrives on partition and Balkanization. There was a good case to be made for keeping the USSR together, minus the Baltic and Tran Caucasus states, but the nomenklatura of all the union republics decided that secession was the best way of maintaining oligarchical privilege. This was also exactly what the Anglo-American imperialists demanded. The carving of Czechoslovakia into two parts soon followed. The breakup of Yugoslavia was promoted by NATO, which then proceeded to further detach Kosovo from Serbia, placing it under criminal rule. The British have long supported separatist movements in Spain, Italy, and many other countries, and these are being activated today.

In areas of maximum British control, secessionism is on the march. The British created Belgium, but today their networks advocate a split of the Flemings and Walloons. Crowning the entire effort is the secession of Scotland from the United Kingdom, yet another example of the British proclivity to use their country as a showcase for destructive policies they want to see imitated elsewhere, especially in the United States — as in the case of Thatcher as the prototype for Reagan.

The problem with these secessions is that, while they may create imbecilic Bantustans of local control and autogestion, they do not touch the power relations which create the problems plaguing society. If Scotland secedes, it will keep the Queen of England as head of state, and will still be subject to the Commonwealth, the European Central Bank, the European Commission, the WTO, NATO, and the International Monetary Fund. Since this is so, what is the point?

Every rational attempt to lead humanity out of the current crisis involves fighting back against Wall Street, the City of London, the Bank for International Settlements, the IMF, NATO, and related institutions. Secessionism does nothing to curb these institutions, and instead abandons any ideological or agitational struggle against them. It helps the empire by weakening the nations. It ignores the fact, long recognized by US supporters of states’ rights, that smaller entities are easier for oligarchs to control than larger entities, because in larger entities the conflicting interests of oligarchical factions tend to cancel each other out, giving the people a greater chance.

There is nothing revolutionary about calls for secession. Instead, they are a reactionary ploy.

Source: Press TV

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