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U.S. borrows 46 cents of every dollar it spends

Economie, English section  | 21 decembrie 2012 | Aciduzzul
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The federal government borrowed 46 cents of every dollar it has spent so far in fiscal 2013, which began Oct. 1, according to the latest data the Congressional Budget Office released Friday. The government notched a $172 billion deficit in November, and is already nearly $300 billion in the hole through the first two months of fiscal year 2013, underscoring just how deep the government’s budget problems are as lawmakers try to negotiate a year-end deal to avoid a budgetary “fiscal cliff.” Higher spending on mandatory items such as Social Security, Medicare and interest on the debt led the way in boosting spending compared with the previous year, which also highlights the trouble spots citeste si comenteaza

Statele Unite au ajuns la o datorie publica de 13 trilioane de dolari. Catre cine?

Durerea Lumii, Editorialele editiei, Politica externa  | 8 iunie 2010 | Aciduzzul
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