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US Government Preparing for Biological Attack and Mass Fatalities in America Since 2008

Army/Intelligence, English section  | 17 octombrie 2012 | Aciduzzul
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Susanne Posel
In 2008, a report from the Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism identified a clear and present danger of biological attack in 2013. The Congressional Committee claimed that Middle Eastern nations like Pakistan were the most likely to be the origination of such an attack against the US or various other points across the globe. Focusing on Pakistan’s nuclear capability at the time legitimizes naming them as a possible breeding ground for terroristic dissention. The report states that “unless the world community acts decisively and with great urgency, citeste si comenteaza

Spy-Butterfly: Israel developing insect drone for indoor surveillance

Army/Intelligence, English section  | 17 octombrie 2012 | Aciduzzul
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The future is here and this is not a butterfly on your wall, as Israeli drones are getting tiny. Their latest project – a butterfly-shaped drone weighing just 20 grams – the smallest in its range so far – can gather intelligence inside buildings. ­The new miniscule surveillance device can take color pictures and is capable of a vertical take-off and hover flight, just like a helicopter, reports the daily Israel Hayom. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) says this may come in handy in ground clashes, when a soldier would merely take it out of a pocket and send behind the enemy’s line. The insect-drone, with its 0.15-gram citeste si comenteaza

Shoot to Kill: Autonomous Robots Developed By DARPA Will Not Question Orders

Army/Intelligence, English section  | 15 octombrie 2012 | Aciduzzul
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Susanne Posel
The Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA) Autonomous Robotic Manipulation (ARM) program seeks to find ways to utilize different remote robotic manipulation systems that are controlled by humans. This program is divided into 3 aspects:
• Hardware: to design dexterous multi-fingered robotic hands
• Software: develop complex algorithms for grasping, manipulation and sensory perception
• Outreach: beta-testing robotics in public forums to further study robotic autonomy citeste si comenteaza

The Next Generation Of Drones Will Decide Whom To Kill

Army/Intelligence, English section  | 15 octombrie 2012 | Aciduzzul
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Aerial drones are America’s newest frontline weapon in an escalating global campaign against Islamic militants. And they could get a lot more dangerous in coming years as their underlying technology advances. Compared to today’s fairly rudimentary Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), the drones of the future will be faster and more heavily armed. They will also have better sensors plus more sophisticated computers allowing them to plan and execute attacks with less human participation. But military analysts and experts on the future of warfare fear these robotic drones could also wind up citeste si comenteaza

War Evolves With Drones, Some Tiny as Bugs

Army/Intelligence, English section  | 15 octombrie 2012 | Aciduzzul
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Chang W. Lee
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio — Two miles from the cow pasture where the Wright Brothers learned to fly the first airplanes, military researchers are at work on another revolution in the air: shrinking unmanned drones, the kind that fire missiles into Pakistan and spy on insurgents in Afghanistan, to the size of insects and birds. The base’s indoor flight lab is called the “microaviary,” and for good reason. The drones in development here are designed to replicate the flight mechanics of moths, hawks and other inhabitants of the natural world. “We’re looking at how you hide in plain sight,” said Greg Parker, an aerospace engineer, citeste si comenteaza

Distrugatorul DDG 1000 Clasa Zumwalt – noua referinta in materie de nave de lupta?!

Army/Intelligence  | 15 octombrie 2012 | Aciduzzul
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331 views, Fara comentarii

Apocalispsa va incepe odata cu razboiul Israelului impotriva Iranului

Army/Intelligence  | 13 octombrie 2012 | Aciduzzul
(2 voturi )
378 views, Fara comentarii

Am lucrat in calitate de consultant de specialitate la trei companii de tehnica aeronautica de varf. Specialitatea mea este aceea de a conceptualiza noi strategii militare, mai ales in conexiune cu cele mai noi si avansate sisteme de lupta. Ceea ce observ ca se petrece la ora actuala pe scena mondiala pe tema Iranului constituie cea mai infricosatoare combinatie de circumstante pe care am vazut-o vreodata. si am vazut multe in cei 20 de ani de cariera militara, in care am fost implicat in proiectarea celor mai avansate strategii de lupta! Curand, in saptamanile sau lunile care vor urma, se va declansa un razboi impotriva Iranului. Razboiul va fi pornit fie de Israel, fie de S.U.A., citeste si comenteaza

4.000 de tone de munitie au sarit in aer la un depozit din Rusia

Army/Intelligence  | 12 octombrie 2012 | Aciduzzul
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